Breaking your own rules: COVID-19 and digital fundraising

Breaking your own rules: COVID-19 and digital fundraising

About this session

Discover how three very different organisations adapted their digital fundraising strategies in response to people’s sudden online behavioural changes during the pandemic. During this workshop, learn how human rights charity Liberty, UK charity Cats Protection, and global conservation and wildlife NGO Fauna and Flora International all ramped up their online engagement and email acquisition efforts and achieved staggering results. Participants will get insights on email marketing strategy and best practice and learn what works, what doesn’t, and how much you can achieve when you ignore convention and tear up the rule book.

This workshop will include:

  • Proven results and clear data and with actionable insights on how to immediately improve online fundraising results while generating meaningful engagement
  • How to sustain accelerated digital growth achieved during the pandemic post-lockdown
  • The value of platform diversification and flexibility and of playing the long game

This session is CFRE-accredited. Attendance at the session, in conjunction with the speaker Q&A that follows, is worth one point.




Rhiannan Sullivan (UK)
VP, Strategy & Partnerships, Europe,
Andrew Taylor Dawson (UK)
Development Manager, Liberty