Breakthrough success in new markets: How to take the best of international and local approaches to achieve outstanding growth

This exciting session will make you re-think what you assume to be universal best practices and show you examples of how local adaptions across global fundraising markets can have a profound effect on a programme’s success. Fundraising techniques are often implemented according to an international set of best practices, but every country context is different and not every ‘best practice’ can or should be applied in every market.

Speakers will detail how organisations have overcome challenges in different Asian and other global markets by testing techniques that were not consistent with international norms. Examples of such innovative solutions will include the keys to success in a major in-house face-to-face programme in Indonesia and unlikely payment processing changes that increased return on investment.

In addition, this session will look at how to take the best of your individual giving knowledge and adapt it to the local fundraising environment. We will share a practical framework to enable you to understand your local fundraising context and decide the most effective approach to suit that unique market. You will leave this session with the confidence and tools to test your own local innovations to help achieve your fundraising objectives!

Learning outcomes

  • A practical understanding of real solutions that top organisations have used to evaluate and overcome challenges in Asian markets, as well as other global examples
  • A clear framework for understanding your fundraising environment and ideas for how to apply and test different fundraising strategies to adapt to the unique market situation
  • A motivation to re-evaluate the comfort zone of international best practices and test what will get your programme top results in the context of a specific market.

Who should attend: Absolutely any fundraiser can gain from attending this eye-opening session to reflect on how to question and test even the most strongly held beliefs on the best ways to focus a fundraising programme. In particular, fundraisers who are building a new programme in developed or emerging markets will find practical ideas from this session. However, even a fundraiser working in a well-established programme will find this session helpful to ensure they are constantly aware of their changing environment and analysing how to get the best possible results.

Session style: We will present a mix of examples and analysis on how and when to rethink strategy. We will start with concrete examples from different markets of Asia and common “best practices” that have been disregarded to test new strategies. We will also include audience participation given the high level of diversity of attendees in the room in order to bring forward examples and participate in rethinking how things should be done in new markets.



Maitra Widiantini Faiszal (Indonesia)
Fundraising Marketing and Communication Director, Save the Children in Indonesia