Building an innovation function from scratch

Springboard your fundraising innovation

In this session, you will hear from three experts all about how they set up their fundraising innovation functions from scratch. You will take away tangible actions to bring back to your organisation – whether you have a big budget or no budget! The workshop will be interactive and creative, encompassing several breakout tasks to get hands-on with the material. By the end of the session, you will have increased your knowledge and understanding of how to take your fundraising innovation to new heights.

Who is it for?

Fundraisers from organisations of all sizes (and at all budget levels!) with responsibilities including innovation and new product/campaign development.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to prioritise innovation projects
  • Find out how to test and learn quickly using the latest tools
  • Discover how to achieve internal buy-in and champion your innovation projects with colleagues


Matt Smith
Director of Transformation & Innovation, THINK Consulting Solutions
Peter Reynolds
Director of Fundraising, Concern Worldwide