Creating people-powered change: Campaigning theories, strategies and tactics to engage and mobilise people to action

This masterclass will provide attendees with a practical overview of the latest advocacy and campaigning methodologies that can engage millions and inspire them to act. We’ll examine a range of examples from the global campaigning landscape to introduce participants to key themes and trends in 21st-century campaigning. The training will focus on three key practice areas:

Campaign Strategy: How to develop a strong vision and effective supporter-centred theories of change, including:

  • Defining a problem through systems and root-cause analysis
  • Mapping targets: who has the power to unlock change
  • Segmenting and defining key audiences and clear roles for people
  • Developing creative campaign briefs that enable effective creative and tactical ideation

Creative Campaign Tactics: How to develop participatory campaigns that engage supporters in meaningful action, including:

  • Beyond petitions: building an engagement pyramid that goes ‘beyond the first click’ to deepen engagement
  • Linking online and offline action
  • Exploring full potential of people-powered tactics – from digital volunteering to distributed organising

Storytelling and Culture: How to inspire new audiences and motivate supporters to act, including:

  • Crafting compelling campaign narratives and story frames through testing and experimentation
  • Building a toolkit of creative assets for deployment
  • Developing distribution strategies that reach target audiences via both earned and paid digital media strategies
  • Participants will also have the opportunity to workshop campaigns based on problems and issues that delegates bring into the session. The session includes hands-on skill and experience sharing focused on learning from one another to build capacity and foster innovation.

Learning outcomes

  • How to develop public mobilisation campaign strategies that engage supporters and motivate them to take meaningful action
  • How to leverage culture to develop stories that inspire supporters
  • How to design outreach strategies and tactics to recruit new supporters and reach existing ones effectively

Who should attend

  • Delegates who want to learn how to practically build campaigns focused around generating public action
  • Fundraisers seeking to understand how to deploy new engagement tactics in their work
  • Leaders looking to learn about innovative approaches to building strong supporter bases through blended digital and offline strategies
  • Delegates who have specific campaign ideas that they would like to collaborate with others to co-create.

Session style: At the core of the approach is a hands-on, participatory session where delegates will be invited to apply new principles and frameworks to real campaign challenges or scenarios


Michael Silberman (USA)
Global Director, Mobilisation Lab
Gautam Raju (UK)
Campaign Director, Purpose