Building teams

Leadership essentials and building inclusive, resilient teams

If we are to unite for impact, we need strong teams ready for change and challenges. And, right now, your teams might not be as ready as you think they are. The last three years have taken their toll; articles published on the sector indicate how depleted we all are, and we need to understand how to rebuild our resilience. And in our teams, we need that magic mix of thinking, approach, background, and experience. Being the same and doing the same things will only get us the same results – and that just isn’t going to be enough in the world we now inhabit. This masterclass, packed with real life examples and easy to apply tactics, will outline practical ways to help our sector leaders build united teams of people who feel a strong sense of belonging, are surrounded by diverse thinking, and feel revived and ready to be part of the good fight again.

Who is it for?

Fundraising managers and leaders, heads of teams, fundraising directors, CEOs

Learning outcomes

  • Learn ways to look beyond recruitment for diversity in thought and practice
  • Discover the practices that enhance well-being and team harmony
  • Become confident in creating a safe space for difficult conversations and times
  • Get examples of how to support your team to build their resilience in tough times


Helena Sharpstone
Director, Sharpstone Skinner Ltd
Jhumar Johnson
Development Director and Chief of Staff, The Open University