Building Trust with Funders

Practical ways to build and demonstrate your authenticity.

Plenty has been said and written about building trust as a leader and a manager, but what can we learn from all of this about building trust with funders?

This workshop will explore authenticity as a driver of trust, looking at how we can be personally authentic as fundraisers and organisationally authentic as nonprofits and demonstrating the importance of transparency in funder relationships. Through case studies from Greenpeace and others, you will learn how trust can build international bridges, securing funds in global minority regions to support vital work happening in the global majority ones.

Trust is the basis of strong relationships. If our systems are broken, incremental change is not going to be enough; we need our funders to trust us, and we need to trust them, in order to do our most effective work together and create the greatest impact.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to build funder/nonprofit relationships that are based on trust
  • Learn what it means to be authentic, how important authenticity is as a key driver of trust, and practical ways you can build that authenticity
  • Find out how trust in a funder relationship enables bigger and bolder collaborations


Thembekile Buthelezi
Grants and Proposals, Greenpeace Africa
Chris Till
Deputy Fundraising Director, Greenpeace UK