Campaign labs

Bring your campaign questions to this interactive, hands-on session in our Resource Café. We’ll help you address strategic or tactical challenges to improve your advocacy or campaigning project. Participants will work with experienced campaign strategists from the MobLab and Purpose to apply the latest campaign design and supporter engagement methodologies. To get the most from this session, identify the campaign element you’d like to work on before joining:
  • Vision: You have a broad problem statement: ‘We know we want to work on X, but aren’t totally sure of what success looks like’,  and the group will work with you to build a vision of what you might be trying to achieve.
  • Campaign Story: You have your vision, goal and theory of change, and you need support building a story that will help you achieve change, inspire people to take action, and start to shift the narrative on the issue you are working on.
  • Creative tactics brainstorm: You have your strategy and now are looking for innovative, creative ideas for how to implement it in the most effective way possible. Maybe you’re looking for a range of new and exciting tactics to build out and test, and would love ideas from colleagues.
  • Deepening engagement: You have a sense of your strategy and main tactics, but you are struggling with how to engage people at different levels, how to deepen engagement through the campaign, and how to build more people power.
  • Open and distributed campaigning: You want your supporters to own and build distributed campaigns as leaders and change agents, not as a passive audience. We’ll look at opening up your campaign, building more leadership pathways, and developing effective open campaigns that build the power of your supporters, your organisation and your issue.


Michael Silberman (USA)
Global Director, Mobilisation Lab
Gautam Raju (UK)
Campaign Director, Purpose