Change- and Value-Mapping for Leadership

Build your inner game to rise and lead effectively in times of chaos and change.

There is an urgent need to shift our mindsets from being overwhelmed by constant change, uncertainty, and anxiety so that we can find creative, insightful possibilities for greater unity in a divisive world. This workshop will provide practical tools and insights to equip you as a leader on your journey for continuous growth and impact by building your inner game.

Join us to take charge and move from a limited mindset to a growth mindset, raising your self-awareness through the positive intelligence self-assessment. You’ll discover your inner compass to guide you in decision-making and learn to master your emotional intelligence by cocreating from others, not just with others. You will learn to apply your new skills and tools practically, developing stakeholder value maps for optimising relational ecosystems.

Learning outcomes

  • Develop your growth mindset, shifting away from spiralling into negative thoughts
  • Gain a stronger sense of purpose for clarity in decision-making
  • Learn to construct stakeholder value maps for alignment and effective relationship building

Want to explore this topic in more detail? This workshop is also being run as a long-form masterclass.


Colin Habberton
Cofounder and Director, Relativ Group
Subin Hong
Project Manager, Third Bridge Group Limited
Sarah Nielsen
Managing Director, Relativ Impact