Exploring fundraising strategy the Indiana Jones way – strategy road maps for impact

Every fundraising professional needs the right tools in their kit just as every explorer needs a map.  Our hero explorer, Indiana Jones, kept his eye on the impact of finding the treasure at the end of his journey, and in developing a fundraising strategy you’ll need to keep your eye on the big picture so that you are clear what impact your strategic choices will have. This masterclass provides a fresh take on how you can use strategy road maps as a practical and versatile tool to see that big picture and dramatically improve fundraising results and more. We’ll share our experience to show why a value-driven, donor-centric approach to fundraising is more effective than a transactional approach, with examples of how to use the road map as a growth/change journey. Together, we’ll explore the key building blocks to improve your fundraising performance, each one representing a distinct process. We emphasise an Indiana Jones-inspired mind-set shift for people and organisations, with a focus on collaboration, to fully capture the benefits of a planned strategic process.

You’ll figure out your ‘big why’– your organisation’s end game from a donor perspective – and how to align your fundraising activities to that perspective. Guided by your end game, you will determine where you are and where you need to go in the rapidly changing global fundraising landscape. Day 1 focuses on the big why, the strategy discovery process, leadership and your big story. Day 2 zooms in on creating shared value with your donors (focus on major donors), how to expand your community of supporters and partners (through digital and non-digital channels), aligning resources and your action plan.

Learning outcomes 

  • Apply and share a value-driven fundraising approach that achieves a triple bottom line: Create value for your donors, your organisation and the community you serve
  • Understand your ‘big why’ from a donor perspective and how to align fundraising initiatives
  • Identify and leverage key internal and external assets and integrate fundraising to raise more than money

Who should attend: No matter how long you have been in the profession and how well you have mastered the basics, this class shows you how to take those basics and reach a higher level of performance, possibilities and impact.

Session style:  The program will be structured around an innovative visual tool: the strategic fundraising road map. The speakers take participants through the process behind each of the seven building blocks of this tool, and provide practical examples from small and large non-profits across five continents. Learning is hands-on and interactive through a mix of facilitated small- and large-group discussion and activities. To make this session super-practical, exercises will focus on cases and questions submitted by participants. And to create well-being and bonding as we work together, we’ll start and end of each session with a little meditation.



Griet Dehandschutter (USA)
Founder, Dehandschutter & Associates
Bart Weetjens (Tanzania)
Co-lead, The Wellbeing Project