#CharitySoWhite // Intersecting inequalities

#CharitySoWhite // Intersecting inequalities: It is time for charities to take the lead in rooting out inequality in the sector

In this special Big Room session, we’ll hear from two leading voices on vital issues of inequality within the charity sector. Saba Shafi is one of the founding organisers of #CharitySoWhite, a campaign that began on Twitter, encouraging people to share their experiences of racism in the charity sector.

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu is a New York Attorney and Solicitor of England & Wales who founded the Women in Leadership publication as a platform to drive positive change on topical issues that impact women globally through inspiring personal leadership journeys.

In this Big Room session, we’ll hear powerful presentations from both Saba and Dr Shola, before the two of them sit down for a free-flowing conversation on the issues raised.

Saba will reveal how the #CharitySoWhite campaign unearthed many powerful testimonials about experiences of racism from people of colour working in the social impact sector.

Racist thoughts, intentions, and actions are widespread in the sector. It’s not just about diversity in our workforce, it’s about our ability to deliver the impact we promise. We are falling behind others, when as a sector we should be taking the lead. This isn’t new information but too often we feel paralysed to act.

Dr Shola will explain why it is time for a conscious revolution through social mobilisation and political participation. Multiple representations today demand visibility on policies and decisions that can negatively impact their quality of life and choice.

Be it race, gender, sexuality, faith or other protected characteristics. Charities need to visibly intersect inequalities within their organisation and externally in the wider communities through mobilisation & participation.

Join Saba and Dr Shola for an urgent conversation and an open discussion on what it will take to tackle these issues in the charity sector.


Aimed at

  • Open to all


Learning outcomes

  • Understand intersecting inequalities
  • Actions to take to address exclusion and inequalities
  • Effective social mobilisation and political participation
  • A reframing of the conversation around race in the sector
  • An understanding of racism as something beyond the interpersonal
  • A clear and simple call to action.


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Kishshana Palmer (USA)
Founder + CEO, The Rooted Collaborative + Kishshana & Co.
Saba Shafi (UK)
Commercial Director, The Advocacy Academy
Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (UK)
Founder, Women in Leadership publication