Climate change: Finding unlikely allies

Climate change: Finding unlikely allies

A complex and interconnected problem needs out-of-the-box thinking

The climate crisis is the only problem that requires every single person, organisation, and institution in the world to play a role to accelerate change. Given this, how can we break down the walls that we and the constructs we look towards have put up to find mutual understanding with those with whom we have nothing in common? How do we converge, align incentives, and, in the process, find the most unlikely of allies to create change with us?

This session will ask tough questions that force us to reflect on our own assumptions and beliefs, and support participants to listen to the perspectives of those we fear most to find common ground. It will bring forward the roles of individuals, youth, government, policy makers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and many others to explore collaborative touchpoints.






Shantanu Paul (Australia)
Managing Director - Australia, Leaders for Climate Action