Collaboration for impact

Collaboration for impact

Together we can achieve far greater impact than we ever could alone.

We all have a common future and are working towards common goals. Individually, we may care more or less about certain causes, but if we can make the connection from those causes to our common purpose, then we can embrace true collaboration. If we can do that, then we can start to put the pieces of that bigger picture together to achieve far greater impact than we ever could alone.

If we take a step back, it becomes clear just how many of the problems we stand against and fight to solve are interconnected and that the only way to achieve our common purpose is by working together – between our organisations, with supporters and beneficiaries as equal partners, and with others outside our sector including the private sector. To achieve our goals, we must switch our approach and our mindset from one of charity to one of vested interest. There is far greater value in real impact and true collaboration than the cold exchange of funds. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that we are stronger together. If we make the shift from seeing our sectors, organisations, and ourselves as individual actors to seeing us all as in this together, parts of a bigger picture and part of a interconnected change system, there is no limit to what we can achieve.






Kay Sprinkel Grace
Principal, Transforming Philanthropy
Kiersten Eyes (Canada)
Director of Public Engagement & Resource Mobilization, Aga Khan Foundation Canada
Sarah Pacutho
Team Leader, Civil Society Strengthening, Uganda National NGO Forum
Matthew Patten
Enabling Environment Facilitator, Catalyst 2030
Willeke van Rijn (UK)
International consultant: strategy and business development, change, and transformation