Community-Centred Fundraising

Applying community-centric principles to your work, from ideals to action.

We love our community and live to serve it. Yet, despite our dedication, many of our third sector practices perpetuate the same injustices we wish to end, overlooking our social progress. What would be possible if our work centered the communities we serve?

This workshop will delve into the core principles of community-centric approaches, spotlighting the Community-Centric Fundraising (CCF) movement, established in Seattle in the USA and now resonating globally, engaging hundreds of thousands of people. You will explore how we can rise together towards more values-aligned practices and collectively shift the power dynamics and challenges we face in service to our communities.

Learning outcomes

  • Discover the tools to move ideals into action, catalysing positive change
  • Create next steps to moving towards values-aligned practices
  • Be inspired and equipped with insight, strategies, and tools to navigate the next steps in your community-centered journey

Want to explore this topic in more detail? This workshop is also being run as a long-form masterclass.


Michelle Shireen Muri
Founder, Freedom Conspiracy