Confidence, control and clarity: What mentoring can do for you

If you still want more education beyond the regular session programme, Learn at Lunch sessions provide the opportunity to keep learning even during the lunch break. Make sure you eat at the restaurant first, then head to the relevant session room.


Time spent with the right mentor can be transformational, bringing control, clarity and confidence in your personal and career development.


Tony Elischer was hugely influential as a mentor to countless fundraisers, nurturing talent and sharing knowledge. His passion for developing our profession is continuing through the work of Tony Elischer Foundation and this informal session, including lots of conversation with your fellow delegates, will aim to inspire you to find your own mentor and take control of your personal fundraising destiny.


We’ll think about: 

  • How to find your ideal mentor
  • Focusing your goals
  • Making the mentoring relationship work.


So, do come along and together we will start your journey towards finding your perfect mentor.


Aimed at 

Fundraisers at all stages in their career who have a desire to develop personally and professionally either by having a mentor or being a mentor themselves.


Learning outcomes 

  • Inspiration and confidence to be more focused and in control of your own development
  • An armoury of practical tips and advice which you can adapt and apply, based upon real learning from other professional fundraisers
  • Motivation to find a mentor and how to make the most of that opportunity.


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Susan Morgan (UK)
Director, Tony Elischer Foundation