Content & audience engagement

How you can REALLY love your supporters online

Wit digital advertising getting faster and faster (and faster), online audiences are being bombarded with more and more content and advertising each day as commercial brands use exciting new tactics to attract, engage, and activate their customers. And, if we aren’t careful, NGOs risk falling behind – and staying behind.

This will be a tough love talk for digital fundraisers across the sector: a tongue-in-cheek but direct session that takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the real lived experience of audiences in 2023 engaging with NGO brands online. The session will bring together creative, data, and insight from within and outside of the sector to paint a picture of how the average supporter actually engages with digital content.

Participants will receive actionable, tactical advice on how to design better video for social, how to plan better email frequency, how to write better subject lines, how to write better Facebook headlines, and everything else digital fundraisers need to know in 2023 to keep up with their audiences’ changing expectations. You’ll leave with a list of things to change in your programme right away, things to change next quarter, and things to change next year.


Joshua Leigh
Digital Marketing and Fundraising Consultant, Freelance
Alex Fearon (UK)
Email Marketing Consultant, Maybe Later