Future-proof your fundraising with strategies from successful start-ups

Our whistle-stop tour of the “Start-Up Fundraising Playbook” will give you practical tips to raise your fundraising innovation game straight away.

What can cash-strapped startups teach fundraisers? We’ll take you on a whistle stop tour of the “Start-Up Fundraising Playbook”. Designed to give you practical skills you can use to raise your game straight out of IFC 2018. Inspired by digital and technology, these techniques will power an audience-centric, integrated fundraising offer across online and offline.

5 tools to disrupt fundraising and raise more money today:

  • Set a singular, motivating vision. Learn to write a powerful vision and deliver an ask people can get behind.
  • Understand your audiences. Create a useful, usable persona in 10 minutes.
  • User research on a shoestring. Free, DIY, hassle-free user interviews anyone can do.
  • How do we prove success in innovation? Develop a Boston Matrix to assess your current product performance and discover gaps for innovation.
  • Build and test a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Whip up a product hypothesis and write an easy-to-use test plan.

Learning outcomes

  • A laser-like focus on your charity’s vision and the ask you’re making
  • Tools to get to know your donors and how to reach them like never before
  • A roadmap of how to develop new projects through innovation without blowing your budget or risking your reputation

Who should attend: Any fundraisers responsible for finding new donors and supporters, creating new products and revitalising your fundraising strategy. If you know you should be doing things differently, but don’t quite know where to start, this is for you. It will be especially useful for anyone with a remit around individual giving, community engagement or innovation.


Jo Kerr (UK)
Digital Consultant