Conversational fundraising: Raising money in the next normal

Conversational fundraising: Raising money in the next normal

About this session

As audiences around the world become more discerning, judgemental, and even suspicious, it becomes vital for fundraising leaders to understand audience trends and evaluate their plan of action accordingly. This session will feature an interview with 11-year-old cause ambassador Chng Rui Jie to gain insights on the 31 (so far!) fundraising campaigns she has run in the last two years, raising the equivalent of almost half a million USD for a variety of causes.

Usha will share further examples of how simple, effective ways to resource your mission, especially those made possible in the tech-driven next normal. She will focus on:

  • Conversational fundraising as a means to improve supporter experience and raise more funds
  • The importance of being practical, agile, and passionate about fundraising to get results
  • How brand ambassadors with values and thoughts aligned to your cause and to your supporters can enhance your work






Chng Rui Jie (Singapore)
Activist and fundraiser
Usha Menon
Founder, Usha Menon Management Consultancy