Convert more traffic; raise more money. The optimization workshop

Convert more traffic; raise more money. The optimization workshop



About this session

For the last 20 years we have been experimenting and craft high-performance digital experiences. There are tons of places to read about the theory. So we’re taking a more practical approach. Tailored to charity interactions and two recent case studies (UK and Australia). You’ll learn key insights from both a donation form optimization project and a community event fundraising project.

What’s more we’re doing it twice. First we’re dedicating a session to all the Aus / NZ #FRO2021 crew. Then we’ll get the performers back on stage again for the US / EMEA folks!

But that’s not all. Would you like some advice about your own donation form? For a couple of lucky winners we’ll also review your donation form. You’ll get key steps to improve your supporter conversion rates, and be a hero for the #FRO2021 crowd too! To get your form reviewed, send it to 

We’ll be taking questions as we go. Following the prepared content, we’ll open for Q&A plus discussion.

At the end of the session you will know more about:

  • The two fundamentals (platform and analytics) you need in place before you start optimisation
  • Benchmarks to help you steer your optimization work
  • 3 to 5 simple changes you could make to your donation and registration forms ASAP

The best part? Our “best question”, “worst donation journey” and “most insightful tip shared” prizes are on offer to those who attend each workshop.



Martin Gill (UK)
Owner, HomeMade Digital Ltd
Meredith Dwyer, FFIA, CFRE (Australia)
Director HomeMade Australia at HomeMade Digital