Corporate Partnerships Bootcamp

Corporate Partnerships Bootcamp

Powerful ways to secure and transform your partnerships income 


About this Masterclass

Corporate partnerships have the potential to achieve a huge, sustained uplift in income for your charity. But they need a different approach compared to conventional philanthropy. 

Genuine benefit to the company is crucial, but how do you help them see both the benefit to them as well as to your charity? How do you stand out in a crowded market? And how do you help your colleagues understand and buy-in to this WIN/WIN approach?  

Learn the tactics needed for making strategic partnerships work. Using a variety of real examples from charities of varying sizes, and techniques from the Corporate Partnerships Mastery Programme, learn how to apply the strategies to your own organisation. 

In this interactive masterclass you will learn how to discover and target your ‘Dream 10’ companies, learn how to influence them, secure meetings with them as well as tactics to WOW them through surprise and delight.  


Aimed at

  • Corporate fundraising managers. 
  • Corporate fundraisers. 
  • Directors of fundraising. 


Learning outcomes

  • How to work out your Dream 10 partner list.  
  • Practical tips and techniques that will help secure meetings. 
  • Influencing techniques to help secure partnerships.  


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Ben Swart
Associate, Brightspot Fundraising
Rob Woods (UK)
Director, Bright Spot Fundraising