Corporate people power: how corporate activism can change the world

Corporate people power: how corporate activism can change the world 

How to accelerate your corporate partnerships success by turning companies into activists 


About this Masterclass

The traditional model of corporate fundraising is failing companies, charities and society. Multi-national companies, like HSBC and Unilever, are receiving hundreds of unsolicited sponsorship requests every week and corporate fundraisers are being measured on the number of approaches they are making. There is a clear mismatch in what charities and companies want from each other.  

In order to create transformational corporate partnerships that make a real dent in our mission, we need to adopt a new collaboration model and engage differently. Based on ground-breaking research, cutting-edge insight from the corporate sector and live examples from around the world, this masterclass will share a new approach to help you create a movement of corporate activists.  

Hear how Changing Faces have created the Pledge to be Seen campaign, which has enabled them to attract partners including Avon, IBM and Ofcom – a true step-change from where they were before. Learn the theory of this forward-thinking approach so that you leave this masterclass with the confidence, tools and expertise to accelerate your corporate partnerships success. 


Aimed at

Intermediate to advanced corporate partnerships practitioners. This includes:  

  • Corporate Partnerships Managers  
  • Head of Corporate Partnerships/Fundraising  
  • Fundraising Directors  
  • CEOs 


Learning outcomes

  • How to build your corporate activist campaign.  
  • How to get buy-in from your senior colleagues.  
  • How to create your corporate activist selection criteria.  
  • How to inject urgency, using decision science, into your corporate approach. 


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