Creating a culture of innovation: Tools and tactics to help your team innovate for fundraising success

Innovation doesn’t need huge budgets or big teams. It needs a new way of thinking. This workshop will give you five tips and tools for how to create a culture of innovation and inspiring examples of what success looks like in action. 


Aimed at: 

This session is aimed at anyone who thinks that their team needs to start doing things differently, but doesn’t know where to start. It will be valuable for people who have tried to do something new, but haven’t seen great results yet. 


Learning outcomes: 

  • Practical tools for responding to disruption in the fundraising market  
  • Inspiring examples of charities and commercial organisations who have failed or succeeded at innovation  
  • Tools and tactics to help promote a culture of innovation in your workplace. 


Miranda Goodenough (UK)
Head of Innovation and Research, RSPCA