Creating a Mid-Level Donor Pipeline

Meeting the challenges of a changing philanthropic landscape while raising money for your cause.

The landscape of philanthropy is changing. Major gifts represent a higher and higher percentage of total giving. Direct marketing’s effectiveness continues to decrease and younger and more diverse donors demand greater engagement and involvement with the organisations they support. And our sector has become aware that traditional fundraising practices have not always best served the communities we support.

While these are challenges, they also represent an opportunity for organisations to more authentically engage with their communities, donors, and stakeholders. A strong mid-level giving programme raises money today, establishes a strong base for future major gifts, is an opportunity to involve younger and more diverse constituents in our organisations, and is an opportunity to test community-centric fundraising principles.

This highly-interactive workshop will explore the strategies and architecture behind a successful mid-level giving programme, demonstrate how to use mid-level giving to increase the diversity of your donor base, and show you how to implement your programme in a values-based way that best supports the community you serve.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn what makes a strong mid-level giving programme that generates funds while building a strong pool of prospective major donors
  • Gain insight into how mid-level giving is an excellent opportunity to engage younger and more diverse audiences
  • Design the engagement- and stewardship-focused mid-level giving programme that today’s donors demand


Robert Osborne
Principal, The Osborne Group