Creating campaigns that catch fire: A fun and disciplined creative approach to building irresistible, memorable, shareable, and wildly successful digital fundraising campaigns

Sometimes fundraising campaigns require only a straightforward concept and great execution. And sometimes they require a lot more.

A brilliant idea. Stunning design. Riveting copy. Channel specific content. Flawless execution. And a call to action that donors, prospects and even perfect strangers can’t resist. Easier said than done, and it can seem impossible for many NGOs to achieve!

This workshop will make it possible through a hands-on, interactive guide to just what makes viral campaigns tick and how you and your organisation can create them. We’ll walk participants through each step in the process of creative campaigning – from concept and strategy all the way through execution and pitfalls to watch out for. Each step will start with inspiration and quick case studies, offer a how-to template, and then provide time and guidance for work on participant organisation campaigns.


Aimed at:

This session is most useful for intermediate level folks, but can also work for people new to fundraising as well as seasoned professionals who might need a new way of looking at their organisation’s campaigns.

Small and large organisations alike will benefit from the approach!


Learning outcomes:

  • You will gain a deeper understanding of the elements that make the best fundraising campaigns stand out from the crowd
  • You will receive a detailed template for use again and again inside your organisations
  • You will walk away with a campaign plan for your own organisation!


Madeline Stanionis (USA)
Principal & Creative Director, M+R