Creating strategy that works: An approach to strategy that drives delivery, not just writing the strategy

This workshop will offer a fast introduction to the strategy maps and balanced scorecard methodology for creating strategy that is proving to be a popular choice for a wide range of NGOs and not-for-profit organisations. The gains offered by this methodology are potentially huge. Strategy stops being something you do every three years and then put on a shelf. It becomes a tool to guide decision making, assess performance and respond to the fast-changing external world.

In the session we will explore the origins and underlying principles of how strategy maps and the balanced scorecard work. We will look at each of the three core elements – the strategy map, the balanced scorecard and the implementation plan – and examine how you can use them in a practical setting to drive performance and alignment. We’ll do all of this through a lens of real examples, including how Doctors Without Borders USA and MSF Mexico have used the methodology to drive significant growth in income.

The session is designed to provide the theory – and a practical approach that participants will be able to use back in their own organisations and situations.

Learning outcomes

  • Know the theory of strategy maps and balanced scorecards
  • Explore some examples of how it has been applied by NGOs and INGOs practically, including a detailed example from Doctors Without Borders USA and MSF Mexico
  • Have a go at creating a map and a process you can use when you are back in your office

Who should attend 

  • Directors of fundraising or managers of a specific function who are responsible for creating strategy – whether in a mature or emerging market or whether for a developed or start-up fundraising programme
  • Fundraisers at earlier stages of their career who are interested in learning about one particular approach to strategy
  • Those in roles that support the integration of functions rather than silo working


Angela Cluff (UK)
Independent Fundraising Consultant
Thomas Kurmann
VP Resource Development, Oxfam America