Creating, testing, funding, and spinning out a new start-up business

Hear how Versus Arthritis created, tested, won funding, and then spun-out a new venture, delivering both income and impact 

In this session hear how Versus Arthritis have created, tested, won significant internal investment for, and then spun out a new venture designed to deliver both commercial income and help people living with arthritis. 

We’ll take you through the result of two years of work. We’ll share how we audited our assets and capabilities to uncover the initial idea and what we did to scope it out. We’ll share how we created a minimum viable product to test it in the real world to prove to our board that this has significant potential. 

We’ll share the highs and lows of taking the charity and our trustees on the journey of investing in something that was very new and different. And we’ll share the thinking behind why we decided to create a new startup company and spin the idea out rather than just treat it as another internal initiative. 


Aimed at: 

  • Fundraising directors / heads  
  • Income generation directors / heads  
  • CEOs 
  • Strategy directors / heads 
  • Trustees

Learning outcomes: 

  • How to find new ways to generate income that’s isn’t fundraising – it’s commercial 
  • How to test, prove, and gain confidence in the idea to enable you to ask for significant investment
  • What to look out for when going through the process of engaging execs and trustees 
  • How to set up a new venture properly so your culture and governance doesn’t kill it. 


Andrew Bathgate (UK)
Co-founder, Good Innovation
Charlotte Guiver (UK)
Director of Income Generation, Versus Arthritis