Creativity, cause, and culture

Creativity, cause, and culture

How creativity can solve the biggest problems nonprofits face

Creativity is a rare and sought-after skill. This workshop will inspire you while teaching you about and demonstrating the most powerful creative techniques that can be used to drive your fundraising growth and mission.

The session will explore how  to use creativity to:

  • powerfully and precisely communicate your cause to differentiate yourself in the market and drive growth
  • resolve interdepartmental conflict and create organisational alignment

Participants will learn how creativity can define a ‘Purpose with Precision’ for any nonprofit and how this can be communicated powerfully and, critically, uniquely. You will explore the relationship between a nonprofit’s three top-level communications needs (the Purpose, the New Ambition, and the Theory of Change) and how these needs can and must line up. Those who take part will leave the session with an understanding of the built-in systemic conflicts between an organisation’s departments and how creative thinking can unite these cultures for rapid growth.

The workshop will draw on academic research commissioned by Revolutionise, including studies into organisational growth, branding, leadership, and culture as well as a brand new research paper on what makes fundraisers tick; in-depth case studies; action research into over 350 organisations around the world; and speaker Alan Clayton’s vast body of fundraising experience.




Alan Clayton
CEO, Revolutionise International