Cryptocurrency for social impact

What do cryptocurrencies & NFTs mean for philanthropy?

Cryptocurrency donations are becoming more and more relevant as a giving vehicle, as younger, charitable generations invest in these financial assets. In spite of this, fundraisers are still struggling to understand what cryptocurrency and NFTs are, what they mean for philanthropy, and how to secure these gifts. This session will demystify cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Who is it for?

Participants with an introductory to intermediate knowledge of cryptocurrency for social good who are working with NGOs that have an annual revenue greater than USD$100K.

Learning outcomes

  • Discover how to cultivate a new generation of crypto donors in order to expand your organisation’s donor base and pipeline with younger and more diverse donors
  • Learn how to incorporate donor values when creating and executing your crypto fundraising strategy
  • Find out how the digital and giving behaviour of crypto donors should factor into your fundraising programme strategy


Josh Hirsch
Senior Strategist, Soukup Strategic Solution