Cultivation is the key to success in major donor fundraising: Learn it. Improve it. Here and now!

Making the ask in major donor fundraising is easy. It is just one sentence. It takes less than a minute. That’s it. But really? Experienced fundraisers know that it can be thrilling to ask. However, what is even more challenging is the conversation that occurs before making the ask, which then makes the ask easy.

In this highly interactive workshop, you have the unique opportunity to learn how to engage with major donors and HNWI in a manner that makes the ask easy. You will learn about what things to look for in a conversation, the things you need to listen to and how to translate what you hear and see into an easy ask. The real value in this session is that you can relax and just try new things in a trusting, appreciative and supportive atmosphere with your colleagues from around the world. 

Join Tony and Jan in this highly interactive session! They will share their experiences from numerous conversations with major donors from around the world. 


Aimed at:

  • Newcomers to fundraising 
  • Major donor fundraisers who want to improve their communication skills 
  • NGO leaders, executive directors, CEOs, and board members involved in major donor fundraising 
  • Fundraisers interested in personal 1:1 communication


Learning outcomes:

  • The most important steps in meaningful conversations 
  • How to put the donor in the center of the conversation
  • How many times to talk to the donor before asking for a gift
  • Easy adoptable techniques to have better conversations 
  • How to manage uncertainty or nervousness


Tony Myers
Founder, Principal, & Senior Counsel, Myers & Associates