Culture Club 2.0: The connection between culture and our ability to thrive!

Based on the successful panel discussions at IFC in Holland and AFP Congress in Toronto last year, this panel will continue the conversation about organisational culture and its impact on our ability to raise money and positively support our teams to do great work, specifically in the area of innovation. 

We felt that this conference would be a perfect continuation of this discussion because so many fundraisers face real challenges in making change and persevering in the face of difficult organisational cultures. We want to help people build and facilitate great cultures – cultures that enable people to do their best work, raise the most money, and grow as individuals despite challenges and obstacles. In order to successfully build for the future, our cultures need to facilitate innovation and collaboration, and this panel will present a variety of ideas on making that happen.

It’s our organisational cultures that support people’s ability to do more with less, innovate, and thrive. Our panel will talk about barriers to building cultures and systems that drive real innovation in the sector, as well as those who facilitate amazing payoffs of building cultures that actually support people and our missions. 


Aimed at: 

  • Direct marketers
  • Annual giving fundraisers 
  • Experienced fundraisers 
  • Directors and leaders in charities


Learning outcomes: 

  • The participants will feel empowered to approach their own culture differently in order to improve their ability to fundraise and innovate.
  • Participants will see real life examples of how individuals have faced challenges and opportunities within their cultures and made real change.
  • Participants will understand that culture has a big impact on our ability to make a difference for our missions and empower people to act for themselves and for their team when they return to their organization. 
  • We want to inspire people to do things differently and provide them with the tools to make that happen. 


Kesheyl van Schilt (Canada)
President & CEO, Blakely
Stephen George (UK)
Fundraising & Leadership Coach and Consultant, Good Leaders
Atsuko Allison Ueda (Japan)
COO / Head of Fundraising, Japan for UNHCR
Emily Au-Young (Bangladesh)
Founder and CEO, Reemi
Thomas Kurmann
VP Resource Development, Oxfam America