Cultures of giving

Cultures of giving

Exploring the rich tapestry of diverse philanthropic practices around the world

This workshop is built around research compiled for the Cultures of Giving working group at WINGS, a network of more than 190 philanthropy associations, academic institutions, support organisations, and funders in 58 countries around the world, the purpose of which is to strengthen, provide leadership for, and promote the development of philanthropy and social investment. The focus countries of the workshop will be India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia

Philanthropy is practiced differently across the world, and the differences between cultures of giving can sometimes be more evident than any similarities they share. However, this does not undermine the idea of global philanthropy, nor the idea of a common enterprise. The diversity of practice and approach is a source of strength; it enables borrowings and adaptations as well as a sense of solidarity and mutual support. But for us to effectively engage in philanthropy on a global scale within different cultures of giving, we must first understand how the tensions between these differences and similarities impact our work and how to speak to philanthropy across cultural contexts. This session will be moderated by Naila Farouky.






Ingrid Srinath (India)
Founder and Director, Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy
Shazia Maqsood Amjad (Pakistan)
Executive Director, Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy
Luisa Lima (Brazil)
Communication and Knowledge Manager, IDIS
Liubov Rainchuk (Ukraine)
Head of the Programme Department, Zagoriy Foundation
Dr Atallah Kuttab (Jordan)
Chairman and Founder, SAANED for Philanthropy Advisory