Customer-centric marketing

Common challenges and shared solutions from corporates and nonprofits

In the for-profit sector, digital marketers say that their top challenges include:

  • Implementing a truly customer-centric approach through an omnichannel marketing strategy
  • Generating engaging content
  • Complying with data and privacy restrictions
  • Recruiting staff with the right skills and retaining teams

Sound familiar? That’s because many individual fundraising managers would respond in a very similar way.

This workshop isn’t just about digital marketing; it’s about uniting corporate and nonprofit marketing professionals because, though they face many of the same problems, and though the same tools are available – in theory – to both groups, the resources available to those working in the commercial sector to test and find solutions are significantly greater. Fundraisers want to be truly donor-centric just as commercial marketers aim to have a customer-led approach.

During the session, you will work through common challenges like the ones listed here and get perspectives and learnings from heads of acquisition and retention from the private sector. This will be an opportunity for private and public sector marketing professionals to air their woes, share tips, and unite to learn from one other.

Who is it for?

Anyone of any level working in individual fundraising, digital fundraising, marketing, database management, donor care, or innovation and anyone who has ever wanted to learn how companies managing lots of data and marketing channels acquire and retain their customers.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how commercial organisations are responding to the same issues faced by fundraisers
  • Understand the tools and processes commercial marketers are implementing in response to common challenge
  • Get fresh ideas to take back to your organisation


Sonya Burke
International Fundraising Consultant, Daryl Upsall International
Alessandro Gennari
SVP, Acquisition, DAZN Group
Beth Knight
Senior Associate, Head Tutor & Supervisor, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
Stephanie Allen
Global Fundraising Manager (Individual Giving), UNICEF