Data democratisation bootcamp: From strategy to implementation

Data democratisation bootcamp: From strategy to implementation 

Case studies, tactics and creative strategies to transform your organisation by putting data to work 


About this Masterclass

This masterclass will share a framework that will help participants identify what data opportunities exist within their organisation to help democratise data across your organisation.  

Democratising data means making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical abilities. By democratising your data, you will increase data-driven decisions which can result in accelerating revenue growth, deepening engagement among your supporters and ultimately making a greater impact serving your mission.  

Learn from practical use cases, examples of sophisticated machine learning applications, and develop tactics on how to move from strategy to implementation. 


Aimed at

  • Anyone from any business function who wants to learn more about how to increase data-driven decisions within their organisation.  


Learning outcomes

  • Understand how a data maturity framework can help formulate your organisation’s data strategy. 
  • How to identify data opportunities within your organisation that can help transform your fundraising and engagement programming. 
  • Learn tactics on how to move from strategy to implementation to democratise the data within your organisation. 


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