Data-driven supporter engagement strategies

Data-driven supporter engagement strategies

Establishing your social data intelligence systems and strategy

By following a tested framework leading to actionable insights, you will come away from this masterclass with the knowledge and tools you need to establish your own social data intelligence system. A hands-on approach to learning will help you better understand your audiences and build truly engaging narratives through the analysis of data collected via social listening, AI, and other intake mechanisms.

Over the two days, you will learn how organisations like UNICEF, Greenpeace, Oxfam, Amnesty International, Cancer Council Australia, Transparency International, and others are applying this kind of technology to improve fundraising retention and public mobilisation performance.

The masterclass will address:

  • Defining the problem to be addressed using social data intelligence
  • Building your team, understanding your information ecosystem, and preparing your social listening system
  • Defining keywords and setting up Boolean search
  • Using AI to cluster your audiences and analyse dominant narratives

Inspired by compelling evidence and global case studies, you will learn how to integrate social data intelligence into your daily routines, how to manage social data and user-generated content, and how to build an agency briefing based on the actionable insights gained through your social data intelligence.






Filipe Páscoa
CEO and Lead Researcher, Bee Relevant
Emily Wigney (Australia)
Head of Supporter Activation, Oxfam Australia