Deceleration for innovation

A vision of a world where people, purpose, and ideas flourish.

Craigberoch is an organisation that takes an interdisciplinary and interactive approach to workplace “deceleration” – the juxtaposition that the fastest way to drive positive change in ourselves and our organisations might be to start by slowing down. This approach builds connection and generates new insights through art, social technologies, music, the natural world, and even the power of play. 

Participants on this workshop can expect a unique experience encompassing live music from world-class musicians, artistry, and nature to inspire creativity and breakthrough innovation, and an opportunity for deep, human-centred connection with one another.

  • Discussion on the interrelated themes of innovation, purpose, intrapreneurship and wellbeing
  • Social technologies and interactive experiences to foster connection and non-linear thinking 

Who is it for?

Anyone keen to explore the concept of deceleration for change.

Learning outcomes

  • Explore the concept of deceleration
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the interrelated themes of innovation, purpose, intrapreneurship, and wellbeing
  • Discover social technologies and interactive experiences that foster connection and non-linear thinking


Gib Bulloch
Founder & CEO, Craigberoch
Amelia Parisian
Director of Programmes & Lead Facilitator, Craigberoch
Natalia Stepanova
Head, BeSophro Corporate Programmes, BeSophro
Floris Koot
Owner, FoolService
Albert Manders
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Stichting Present Sound