Decentralising fundraising

What can traditional fundraisers learn from decentralised organisations?

Is it possible for us to distribute power over money to more people, while still staying focused, coordinated, and united?

What can fundraisers for civil society learn from decentralised Web3 communities and funding models for open source software?

When do these decentralised and disruptive models work, and when do they fail?

Participants in this interactive workshop will explore real-life cases from the world’s new fundraising methods, learning from fundraising platforms like Open Collective that use layers of technology and legal innovation on top of the financial system and from those like Gitcoin that are built on blockchain technologies.

Interested in a deep dive into this same topic? Decentralising fundraising is also being covered as a masterclass.

Who is it for?

Fundraisers and grantmakers

Learning outcomes

Discover the cases, models, and tools for a fundraising and grantmaking system that brings together qualities from the old and the new worlds.


Jonas Boutani Werner
Innovation & Leadership Consultant, Fantastic Studios
Hugi Ásgeirsson
Partnerships & Strategy Director, Open Collective Europe; Co-founder, Cobudget; & Co-director, Edgeryders
Pia Mancini
CEO, Open Collective