SOLD OUT: Decision science

Decision science

The Donor Decision Lab: Using neuroscience to help supporters make positive choices

This highly interactive masterclass will offer practical insights to transform your relationships with supporters, leading to greater engagement and higher gifts. You’ll learn how to use leading edge insights from behavioural economics, evolutionary psychology, and neuroscience across channels and propositions. These insights are transforming how businesses engage customers and are having an enormous impact on fundraising worldwide.
You’ll discover techniques, frameworks, and case studies, and take part in live experiments to illustrate your learning. Every participant will have the chance to apply key techniques learned to their own work. You’ll be introduced to practical field work that has been undertaken with a range of national and international charities, from MSF/DWB in the USA to Nelson Mandela University in South Africa and the Royal Opera House in London. You will leave the masterclass with a  inspiring examples and case studies from across a range of supporter channels and have learned how Edinburgh Zoo improved income online from £20,000 to £1.300,000 in just 18 months using three simple nudges; how standing beside the right subway sign in New York increased average face-to-face gifts from $32 to $37; and how positioning on a supermarket shelf increased foodbank contributions by 300%.

Who is it for?

CEOs keen to understand how decision science could improve their organisations’ work with supporters and volunteers; fundraisers in charge of specific functions like mass marketing, legacies, or donor engagement who are keen to integrate and work with others; individuals working in fundraisin-related disciplines such as communications, advocacy, and engagement; those charged with driving innovation or offering development within a charity/NGO/INGO.

Learning outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of the key scientific principles that inform donor decisions
  • Learn how to use the COM-B framework to clarify donor decision barriers
  • Find out how to use the MINDSPACE framework to adapt your communications
  • Get access to a series of tools to apply decision science to your work



Bernard Ross
Director, =mc consulting
Thomas Kurmann
VP Resource Development, Oxfam America
Meredith Niles
Trustee, The Trust for London