Decolonising aid

How fundraising can contribute to shifting paradigms

With a focus on fundraising and resource mobilisation, this workshop will explore examples from across the globe of how practitioners working in NGOs of varying sizes have started to address the issues of decolonising aid. It will be presented in an interactive interview format, with participants lending their voices, opinions, and experiences to the session, with the aim of moving from the conceptual level to operationalising the concept of decolonising.

The workshop will demystify concepts and terms to motivate participants to just get started and will share insights from funders who have begun to rethink the traditional approach. You will explore how fundraising, instead of deepening divides and perpetuating existing unequal power dynamics, can contribute to shifting paradigms within organisations and networks. The session will highlight practical examples of different types of funding and funds as well as outline various practical ideas on how organisations can start transforming their departments or organisations. The aim is unite the IFC community on how to tackle issues of systemic exclusion and power imbalance in practical ways that are accessible to anyone.

Who is it for?

People who are keen to learn more about how shifting the power works in practice.

Learning outcomes

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the concepts relating to decolonising aid and shifting the power
  • Learn how to implement decolonising aid in fundraising
  • Get inspired by practical examples and by those who have started their journey of decolonising their organisations and processes


Carolin Gomulia
Director, The Workroom