The Donor Decision Lab

The Donor Decision Science Lab – live!

Using behavioural science in fundraising

Discover how to design and deliver exciting behavioural science- informed experiments as you establish how supporters really make decisions. This practical and interactive masterclass offers you the chance to work on a series of fundraising projects that you’ll set up to happen during IFC 2022. Each project will be tested live!

We’re open to you bringing your ideas to the party. But potential projects might include:

  • Transforming the success of a charity thrift shop
  • Organising a web campaign for a small children’s home
  • Improving results in a face-to-face collection

This masterclass is for you if you want to learn more about the application of the latest thinking in decision science, neuroscience and cognitive psychology to fundraising, communications, advocacy, and campaigning.

Across the two days, you will learn to understand the key biases and heuristics that supporters and prospects use when making decisions, and how to frame propositions, manage web interactions, structure conversations, and write promotional literature in ways that lead to higher gifts amounts and greater engagement. In addition, you’ll learn how to design behavioural experiments to ensure your results are robust, scalable and replicable.

Participants will be able to track the impact of their projects, and there will be a follow-up webinar after IFC to review the results as a group.





Bernard Ross
Director, =mc consulting
Thomas Kurmann
VP Resource Development, Oxfam America