Developing new markets from Central Asia to the Baltics: How to start contemporary systematic fundraising in the markets that "don't give"

In this workshop, we will cover the essentials of launching contemporary systematic fundraising campaigns in brand new markets, using Red Cross and Red Crescent examples in Europe and Asia – from corporate to digital giving.

In this session, we will showcase how to conduct an essential fundraising audit in a market that lacks insight, explore creative ideas for financing a new fundraising strategy, and look at best practice in building a new team and implementing your first fundraising campaign in uncharted waters. 

During the session, we will briefly cover organisational, legislative, and technological challenges and opportunities in developing markets and how small and medium-sized charities should adapt.

We will look at how to estimate the potential size of your market for giving and discuss why not all fundraising insight is helpful.


Aimed at: 

  • Organisational development and fundraising consultants 
  • International fundraisers 
  • Practitioners from Central and Eastern Europe 
  • Fundraising entrepreneurs and creatives 


Learning outcomes: 

  • Preparing a fundraising strategy in an unknown market and identifying what would work best 
  • Strategies in using an entrepreneurial approach in financing your plan 
  • Essentials of organisational development before, during, and after the launch 
  • Trends in European and Asian markets 
  • Conviction that fundraising can work everywhere


Andrej Naricyn (Hungary)
Regional Capacity Building (Europe and Central Asia), IFRC Hungary
Ilja Ruben (Kazakhstan)
Head of Fundraising & Communication, Kazakh Red Crescent