The Digital Campaign Hot House: 48 hours to build the most awesome digital campaign the world has ever seen

This session builds on our innovative and very highly rated ‘digital appeal hothouse’ from IFC 2017. We’ll start off by sharing the creative principles and successful studies from causes that have engaged support and raised real money online. Then you’ll work in groups to create campaigns around a brief you help create. As well as the speakers’ expertise, you’ll have access to virtual support from specialist digital designers, online influencer researchers and social media marketing experts. Working as a group to tight time scales, you’ll also be exposed to some of the theory and practices of agile working that will give insight into the culture required to be a successful digital team. Finally, the group will feed back on your work and we’ll round up the lessons you can take away to implement in your own organisations.

Learning outcomes

  • How to creatively build a digital campaign from scratch
  • How to work as a team in a very short time to agile working methodologies, gaining insights into successful digital culture and working practices
  • How to plan a multi-faceted digitally led campaign

Who should attend: It is for people who are or will be hands-on running digital campaigns either nationally or internationally in a non-profit organisation.

Session style: Some input from the speakers but primarily hands-on group work to build out the campaign for real with an experienced digital team to support the delegates at every stage


Jason Potts (UK)
CEO and Creative Director, THINK Digital
Aroon Dougan (UK)
Strategy Director, THINK Digital