Digital fundraising benchmarks: 2018 UK and North America comparison - bridging the divide between anecdotes and data about what’s working and what’s not in digital fundraising

For 12 years, M+R has worked with hundreds of non-profit organisations to compile annual digital benchmarking data about email messaging, email list size, fundraising, online advocacy, web traffic, digital ads, social media, and more. Now that we’ve expanded our study internationally, we want to share what we’ve found with you. 


Aimed at: 

This workshop is helpful for anyone who evaluates or makes decisions regarding digital fundraising performance, including advertising and list growth investment decisions. 


Learning outcomes: 

After this workshop you should have a good idea of: 

  • What digital trends we’ve seen across industry sectors (International Aid, Enviros, etc.) in North America
  • What trends we saw in the United Kingdom this year and how those differed 
  • What metrics you should be sure to be tracking or asking for to compare your own results to these overall trends


Matt Derby
Partner, M+R