Digital mobilisation for growth

A sustainable approach to engagement, advocacy, and fundraising to get you through tough times, brought to you by Engaging Networks

How do you go about growing lists and attracting gifts in 2023?

The last few years have been turbulent. The pandemic had a major impact on fundraising across the world as events were cancelled, programmes ground to a halt, and donors changed the way they support the causes that matter to them.

In 2023, economies have slowed down and we’re entering a global recession. Right now, the future looks bleak, with almost a quarter of people saying that they will give less to charities moving forward (CAF UK Giving Report 2022).

With income risks and depleted reserves, how can organisations attract people to support them as we move forward? Digital mobilisation is the answer!

Find out how charities are changing their structures and ways of working to support this approach, breaking down silos and collaborating across teams to spend budgets more effectively and drive broader impact. Learn how this model can work in yor organisation, connecting your supporters with your vision and mission to help support your fundraising, marketing, and campaigning efforts.

Want to know more ahead of IFC? Download Engaging Networks’ report on attracting and retaining supporters with a mobilisation model.

Who is it for?

Fundraisers, managers, and anyone concerned with improving engagement and conversion via their donation forms.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to launch a similar model with your team
  • Come away armed with evidence, insight, and practical tips
  • See how the model has worked for other fundraising organisations


Paul Hayward
Director Of Business Development (UK and International), Engaging Networks
Anna Chowcat
Digital Mobilisation and Engagement Manager, Refuge