Digital Mobilisation: Fusing fundraising and campaigning to drive change

Digital Mobilisation

Fusing fundraising and campaigning to drive change



About this session

Why are digital fundraising and campaigning activities so often managed separately?

In this session hear why Matthew believes the two can, and should, go hand in hand. You’ll learn how donations are a campaign activity in themselves and how campaigning is a gateway to becoming a donor.

You’ll leave the session knowing more about the strategies and tactics of how to fuse digital fundraising and campaigning in order to raise more and increase advocacy engagement.


Aimed at

  • Digital practitioners
  • Campaigners
  • Individual Giving fundraisers


Learning outcomes

  • How to use issues, tactical campaigns, and story arcs to fuse advocacy campaigning and fundraising together.




Matthew McGregor (UK)
Campaign Director, HOPE not Hate