Digital power building

Lessons learned from the 2022 US elections

Up against a looming red tide of election-denying politicians and rights-threatening referendums, organisations in the United States have been able to mark major wins in favor of democracy and human rights. This took concerted persuasion and mobilisation efforts using new technology combined with strong messaging and online-offline coordination.

But the USA is not exceptional when it comes to democratic ideals, nor when it comes to mobilising grassroots power. Using real-world examples, this session will share strategies that have proven successful in mobilising people for democracy. You will take part in a live version of a messaging research focus group, in order to illustrate how the evaluation of persuasion messaging really works.

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in using digital tools to connect with on-the-ground field organising, voter mobilisation, or large-scale persuasion and messaging

Learning outcomes

  • Gain a greater practical understanding of how the digital marketing landscape is changing and what that means for reaching the right audience with the right message
  • Learn how to make actionable decisions around mobilisation investments and effort and find out what to expect in the future from technology vendors
  • Discover how to build a high-bar advocacy and persuasion campaign in the context of an extremely divisive national debate


Matt Derby
Partner, M+R