Digital’s physical shadow

Creating a radical shift in digital sustainability

The digital industry is responsible for about 4% of global emissions, surpassing the aviation industry. The increasing scale of digital operations, encompassing more video, AI, immersive experiences, and data, is a growing concern.

We need to think about the measures we normally use to assess the success of a digital project:

  • How many people can we get to look at it?
  • How long can we keep their attention?
  • How many pages can we get them to read?

As in the world of physical products, if we push people to consume more, more emissions will be created. As fundraisers, how can we make sustainability paramount without compromising on experience or results?

This session will explore the joint decision-making that went into the creation of Fauna and Flora’s new website with digital experience agency Manifesto, which positioned the planet as a stakeholder. The result reaped significant benefits for performance, cost, and usability. Ultimately, it also led to increased donations, proving that putting the planet first can yield positive results from every angle.

You will leave the workshop equipped with the necessary examples, knowledge, and tools to create a radical shift in digital sustainability and be part of a movement for change across our sector.


Neil Clark
Planet Officer and Service Designer, TPX Impact