Disruption Camp 2023

Change is coming, but should transformation be incremental… or disruptive?

Are you looking to generate disruptive innovation? Disruption Camp 2023 is a performative workshop introducing Irrational Planning, an original and experimental methodology for achieving disruption and creating new prototypes.

The need for disruption is raised as a response to the profound change in how we understand the role of fundraising in the new ecosystem of the technological revolution, the climate crisis, and the reordering of society after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Irrational Planning is based on letting go of logical and linear thinking; to do this, it is necessary to open your imagination through stimuli that trigger new associations and unexpected connections to allow extreme divergence without limits.

Disruption Camp 2023 is your space to experiment with possible ways to achieve disruption. The workshop will trigger reflections like: What is a disruption in fundraising and NGOs? What experimental methodologies can we use? Can Irrational Planning help us to achieve it? What ideas can we generate together? You will navigate through “Irrational Stations” combining cognitive, artistic, and emotional activities that will inspire your imagination!

Who is it for?

If you want to know what’s next in social change and fundraising, and you want to explore the horizons of Irrational Planning, this is the session for you!

Learning outcomes

  • Lose your fear of experimentation and embrace the freedom of imagination
  • Discover the Irrational Planning methodology: a playful and performative model to create new prototypes through new associations and unexpected connections
  • Develop a disruptive set of prototypes and become the creative disruptor of your team


Marcelo Iñarra
CEO, marceloiniarra.com & Club de Fundraising
Marjolein van de Paverd
Channel en Projectmanager Fondsenwerving a.i., Save the Children Nederland
Ellen Janssens
Manager Marketing, Communicatie, & Fondsenwerving, EpilepsieNL