Diversifying your digital channels

It’s time to stop putting all your eggs in Meta’s basket.

If your Meta fundraising stats are falling and you’re not sure where to turn next, this session will show you how other organisations are using different channels to drive the results they’re looking for.

Diversifying your channels can help you reach new audiences and find new supporters, building resilience into your digital programmes in a rapidly changing media environment. You’ll find out how to create a robust testing matrix across different channels to allow you to make informed decisions about where to invest your digital budgets based on their goals.

Who is it for?

Those with responsibility for or curiosity about digital channels in their organisations.

Learning outcomes

  • Discover how to design your own digital diversification pilot
  • Be able to design & implement an effective testing matrix
  • Learn to evaluate results to make decisions about future investments in new channels


Chloe Lawson
Campaign Manager, Electica
Anna Chowcat
Digital Mobilisation and Engagement Manager, Refuge