Diversifying your fundraising portfolio

Diversifying your fundraising portfolio: From research to reality


About this session

This panel session will take participants through the three phases involved when deciding to diversify your fundraising portfolio, presenting frameworks for thinking, case studies and key take outs:

  • Where do we start? Exploring how you equip yourself with the information you need to decide what streams to introduce; how to make the case for investment; what you need to be aware of in the external environment and how issues to consider and address differ from market to market.
  • Making and winning the argument – looking at how to engage key internal stakeholders; find advocates for new direction and start to embed the concept of being a fundraising organisation.
  • Implementation – in this final phase we will explore implementing your plans; adjusting direction in response to performance and moving from entrant to an organisation that is regarded as a benchmark for strong performance.

The panel discussion will include panel members’ reflections on their activity in each phase, drawing on examples from across the world.

This session is aimed at:

Organisations who are either: Actively fundraising in a market and wish to introduce new fundraising streams; or who are looking to set up fundraising in a new market.

What you will learn

Participants will learn:

  • What information they need to consider and how to gather it in order to make a business case for introducing and monitoring new activity
  • How to engage internal stakeholders in fundraising
  • How to effectively monitor and evaluate performance, to address variances between actual versus target, during implementation phase and beyond.





Michelle Chambers
Chief Executive, THINK Consulting Solutions
Jindy Pal (UK)
Senior Consultant, THINK Consulting Solutions
Giancarla Pancione
Marketing and Fundraising Director, Save the Children Italy
Wrikdev Sarkar (Malaysia)
Fundraising Director, Greenpeace Southeast Asia
Roatchana (Nui) Sungthong (Thailand)
Country Director, World Animal Protection