Make it good for major donors

You and major donors: using your strengths for good

How can we create the best home for a major donor? What do they want from us? What happens in that first meeting? What can go wrong – and how can you avoid it?

This workshop will lead you through the real-life practice of major donor fundraising, using case studies of real philanthropists and organisations that have won this kind of support, and you will learn about a fast-growing tool for major donors, the donor-advised fund. Come away with a fresh understanding of how to use your personal strengths to build relationships with philanthropists and how to bring your personality, your story, and your energy into the first meeting with a potential major donor.

Who is it for?

Fundraising directors, CEOs, and major donor fundraisers.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to develop first conversations with philanthropists & practice those first conversations in the safety of the seminar room
  • Learn to use your natural strengths to motivate a philanthropist
  • Understand the potential for growth offered by donor-advised funds


Christopher Carnie
Founder & consultant, Factary
Elsbeth Takkenberg
Strategic Advisor, Major Gifts & Legacy Fundraising, Tijdelijk Takkenberg