Lessons in donor engagement from the commercial sector

Lessons in donor engagement from the commercial sector

Which strategies can we replicate to gain and retain supporters?

Lifestyle subscriptions account for approximately 5% of the spending of European consumers, equating to an average of about €130 per month spent on on video, music, sport, and food. Recurring charitable donations average less than €50 euros per month, but translate to a median lifetime value of over €800 per donor, which stands in sharp contrast to the median lifetime value of one-off donations at just €120.

Given the revenue capabilities of auto-renewing lifestyle subscriptions and the higher lifetime value of recurring donations, what can the not-for-profit sector learn from the commercial sector? What roles do digital communication and user experience play? In this interactive session, you will be presented several case studies from the commercial sector and spend some time brainstorming new activation strategies for nonprofits.




Michal Filip Kowalik (UK)
Head of International, Twilio.org